Kinetix Nutrition

Kinetix Nutrition

Our Passion: bringing you all natural products, bursting with energy and nutrients, which taste beyond incredible and which are free from sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Our Mission: harnessing the power of nature to energise your life, to unlock the potential of your training and take you to the next level.
Our Dedication: relentless and without boundaries.

Cutting Edge Nutrition | Taste Beyond Parallel | Quality Without Equal

Founder: Steve Palmer

Family man. Business man. Physique and wellness coach. Steve Palmer, Kinetix Nutrition’s founder, knows first-hand what it means to lead a busy, modern life and what it takes to meet the challenges that life throws at us. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot succeed in all aspects of your life and to obtain the body that you desire – and require.

Kinetix Nutrition is committed to cutting edge, pure and all natural nutritional solutions which are jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids to supercharge your workouts and turbocharge your life. Every Kinetix Nutrition product has been painstakingly researched, tested and tasted and, most importantly, proven.

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